Hook and Hearth | About The Company
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Meet Suzy

Originally from a town in Oklahoma so small that it’s not on the map, Suzy discovered her love of design when she was little, far before she had the words to say so.


This skill was honed when she and her husband built a resort business on the Mountain Fork River in Watson, Oklahoma: now composed of 12 fabulous cottages all designed and decorated by Suzy, Rivers Edge Cottages draws over 3000 guests a year to enjoy weekend getaways and summer vacations in spaces thoughtfully curated by Suzy.


From there, Suzy moved with her family to New York City, where she learned the art of outfitting small spaces, created havens for busy city dwellers in the forms of party planning and apartment design, and grew her passion for incorporating a wide variety of textures, colors, and cultures in her design.


Now a resident of Nashville, TN—where she is the proud owner of a front porch with a swing and a rambunctious yellow lab named Mo—she is happily engaged in home staging, home design, party planning, and furniture leasing.


With a passion for winsome, welcoming spaces and an excitement to get to know each client, she is now booking for 2018 and beyond!